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We believe that if you’ve accomplished legendary things — whatever they may be — they should be shown to the world. If you want to be featured, head to our contact page and let us know!


Drew & Sean, Creators of Gilly’s Legendary Lager

Creative minds around me fuel my passion to make something that the consumer can say wow! How’d you do that? or Jeez that’s good!


Gillys Inside the Mind of Chase Wolcott

My artistic vision started very young when I passed you to win that motorcycle race. Art starts with being excited! Creating new lines, new adrenaline to spread movement across the canvas.


Gilly’s Legend: House of Devon

Over the years, many have asked about my story.  They say, “You travel the world and you have such a different life but all we know is you’re a photographer.” I guess it can seem that simple but it is HARD WORK and at times, near fatal.


Gilly’s Legend: Gus Harper – Artist

Honestly, I think it’s mostly just a zest for life. Man has this primal need to mark on walls, to say “I was here”. I think most of my work is celebratory but some of it is merely a reflection of my emotions, good and bad.


Gilly’s Legend: Huka, Tattoo Artist

The best parts of my job are 50% the art and 50% the people who get them. I tattooed a 82 year old French grandmother one time. It was her first tattoo and she got a little butterfly.

… The End.

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